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We are a collaborated, established team of field-leading scientists, medical professionals, and data pioneers with specialties in toxicology and Artificial Intelligence discovery.  

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Charles Keller, MD

Developmental Biologist & Inventor


Charles' research focuses on collaboration and innovation to discover more precise and cost effective ways to test for maternal safety. 

Max R. Langham, MD

Pediatric Surgeon

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Max has a track record of success as a surgeon, investigator, and collaborative leader.  He currently serves as the CEO of Tio Companies. 

Ganapati Srinivasa

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

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'Gans' has extensive experience leading multi-disciplinary teams towards complex technological software design goals.

Samuel V. Rasmussen

Biomedical Engineer

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Samuel specializes in construction of the equipment for the quail egg technology to improve drug testing efficiency.  

Mark E. Hurtt, Ph. D



Mark is the company lead for developmental and reproductive toxicology, along with other speciality toxicology disciplines.

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